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5) regular English lessons for children from the Kutabuluh village that adjoins the Gunung Leuser National Park. Kutabuluh is an area where the wild populations of slow lorises can be found

  • a) 2 voluntary teachers will teach English every week in this village for a longer period of time
  • b) cooperation with the local community on conservation of wild slow lorises and other animals
The needed amount: 40,000 CZK

The money will be used for:

  • basic English books and building of a small library for the children of the Kutabuluh village
  • notebooks, pencils, school supplies and small gifts for the children from the Kutabuluh village
  • travel costs and lunches of two voluntary teachers for the duration of 3 months
  • basic equipment for two guides to the local rainforest (headlamps, boots, clothes)

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