I am not your toy - help us to run this

I am not your toy - HELP US TO RUN THIS

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Friends , please accept our invitation to the launch of our campaign I AM NOT YOUR TOY, already this Sunday, 11/29 in Letná Café Laika! (map) Come to learn more! A premiere of our new spot from Michal Galik is happening around 18:00. JOIN IN!

Kukang project is starting a new campaign I AM NOT YOUR TOY and we need YOU in!

What is going on?

The premiere of a new video // I AM NOT YOUR TOY // by Michal Galik

What is this about?

Campaign I AM NOT YOUR TOY aims to raise awareness within targeted groups of people as well as general public about the problematics of keeping wild animals (often endangered species), e.g. slow lorises, as pets. Let's show people that wild animals don’t belong to your living room! How many times have you come across a video with a "super cute" slow loris? Holding an umbrella? Eating rice balls? Dressed in a doll dress? How many times have you, who are travel in Southeast Asia, come upon a street vendor with a slow loris wrapped around his arm? How many times has your friend shared a video with a wild animal used as a toy on Facebook and did not realize where did the animal come from, what did it go through, and what is it going through right now? That each such individual – as well as the entire species - is stressed and suffering even though it still looks "adorable"? Well, that many times, and even many more are we asking you to join our campaign! Come to our event and help us fight illegal trafficking of animals, show people the problem of spreading "super cute" viral videos, and watch our I AM NOT YOUR TOY video! Run the campaign with us!

How to get involved?

"Super Cute" videos have tens of millions of viewes. Our goal is to make as many people as possible to watch videos aimed to raising awareness of the real background of the fate of endangered species and wild animals kept as pets! Help us to spread the campaign!
Looking forward to see you there,
Kukang team