Ostrava Zoo

Ostrava Zoo keeps nearly 4,000 animals of 400 species in an area of almost 100 hectares. These include rare exotic representatives as well as the local fauna. In recent years, the area has undergone considerable transformation; the zoo has created modern breeding facilities, expanding services for visitors. A part of the area is a botanical park laced with trails in total length of 6 km. The Zoo Ostrava is involved in a number of programs to save endangered species and from 2014 it is the main partner of the Kukang program, providing the program with a financial support and the necessary operating costs.

Official Website: http://www.zoo-ostrava.cz


Olomouc Zoo

Olomouc Zoo can be proud of its excellent breeding activity, which displays a regular breeding of rare and endangered species of animals that normally do not reproduce in other zoos. The entire area is going renovation, which brings animals larger and more spacious enclosures and visitors have possibilities to get to their immediate vicinity by Safari train. Olomouc Zoo is also involved in conservation programs and reintroduction projects which is an important role in modern zoos. Their philosophy is to support the protection of animals in-situ whats mean in the place of their natural habitat. Since November 2015, it became the second major partner of Kukang program, thereby extend its support of animal protection also away to Sumatra.

Oficiální webová stránka: http://www.zoo-olomouc.cz/


Liberec Zoo

Liberec Zoo was founded in 1919 and is thus the oldest zoo in the Czech Republic. The zoo possesses an internationally recognized breeding facility that has hosted thousands of various animals, hundreds of employees and millions of visitors. Liberec Zoo is the main partner of the ISCP organization. Zoo Liberec will serve as a technical support of Kukang program, and will provide counseling.

Official Website: http://www.zooliberec.cz



IAR (International Animal Rescue) manages the rescue and rehabilitation centre for slow lorises located in Java. The centre currently takes care of more than one hundred confiscated slow lorises and there are many specialists with longtime experience with care of slow lorises and their reintroduction back into the wild. Furthermore, they also have an experienced team of veterinarians trained in care of teeth of slow lorises. The cooperation of the Kukang program and IAR allows us to share information, experience and human resources.

Official Website: http://www.internationalanimalrescue.org



Czech Coalition for Biodiversity Conservation (CCBC). The Coalition is an association of non-governmental organizations working together to protect the biodiversity in many parts of the world. It creates space for mutual cooperation, which enables participants to share their knowledge and experience not only in the field of nature conservation and environmental education. Currently there are 11 associated organizations on 4 continents of the world, through Central America, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Official Website: http://www.ccbc.cz/cz/


The Rufford Foundation

The Rufford Foundation is a UK based charity. Its main remit is to offer Rufford Small Grants for nature conservation projects in the developing world. The Kukang program got its first grant for rehabilitation centre development and monitoring and education purposes from this foundation.

Official Website: http://www.rufford.org/