Leaflet - Slow Loris Day

Let’s help slow lorises back into the wild! From cages to trees!

Please accept our invitation for November the 9th from 14:00, and come spend a heart-warming Sunday in our studio. You can find a new fashion piece into your wardrobe, create a painting, or just warm up and we will treat you with our homemade pumpkin soup, ginger tea and lots of other goodies! Finally, let’s sway to the rhythms of autumn melancholy at OverlandInn concert that is coming up in the evening! We also prepared face-painting, healthy snacks and painting courses for the small ones!

By having fun, you will help to protect slow lorises, critically endangered primates, whose charming cuteness became also their doom! And so they are hastily vanishing from the rain forest to appear on the black markets with wild animals – maltreated and terrified. Project Kukang aims to fight this situation and help slow lorises return to the forests of Indonesia.

Because we do want to see happy slow lorises in their natural environment, arts studio Malování Kreslení decided to help Project Kukang through this event. Together, we can help this to happen!

After a long search, we have managed to find an exceptional photo of Sumatran slow loris in the wild. His expression says it all, it was the first time that we saw a happy slow loris, instead of frightened ball of fur - being fed rice balls in videos on youtube, or pressing against cage bars at the black markets, which is unfortunately more common than we would like to believe. Author of this photograph is a wildlife photographer Thomas Marent, whom we would like to thank for letting us display it here.

Important part is, of course, education. We would like everyone to understand that life slow lorises and house pets do not go together, in short – slow lorises belong to the wild. Why don’t we focus on adopting those thousands of dogs and cats left in shelters, who will be lifelong grateful for us to pet them and give them home, instead of desiring an exotic animal that will only suffer in our company.

We can make it more difficult for poachers and traffickers by showing people what sort of darkness is hidden behind their desire for owning exotic animals as pets!

Help us to return their freedom and happiness!

All finance which you donate will be transmitted by studio Malování Kreslení to Kukang project, which will use the entire amount for a construction of a rescue and rehabilitation centre for slow lorises in Sumatra. The construction should begin this winter, but some finances to complete it are still missing.

We are looking forward to see you!

Sincerely Nina, Johanka, team Malování Kreslení and Kukang of course! : )

Sample of the band Overland Inn, which will play at Slow loris day

Leaflet - Slow Loris Day



photos provided by Thomas Marent