Tarsiers saving slow lorises


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Petr Slavík is among the people who were born loving the wilderness. Rambling various corners of the world such as the Chilean Andes and Bolivian rainforests resulted in a desire to record the last bits of wilderness with the camera lens. The "Vagrancy" - as Petr Slavík calls his travel beginnings, turned into precisely organized and strenuous expeditions to the endangered species of animals. Returning to the mountain gorillas in Uganda, unsuccessful journey with Himalayan shepherds to find a snow leopard or a vain searching for "gray forest ghost" in the green jungle of Borneo.

His life motto is: "Walk without trampling"

Photo of Petr Slavík and a bear

More info on http://www.petrslavik.cz/

It's probably not the last collaboration of Petr Slavík and project Kukang. That will remain as a surprise for you for the future...