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I Am Not Your Toy!


By watching or sharing „cute“ videos or photographs where slow lorises are being „tickled“, wearing dresses, being fed rice balls or handling a small umbrella, you unconsciously support suffering of these mysterious creatures! Their cuteness has become their curse and these videos openly support that. If you come across such a video you should realize that the animal in the video is suffering. If you are among those who would like to buy and bring these mysterious creatures home, read first what journey they have to undergo before they get to that umbrella in a cage somewhere in Europe, America, Russia, China or anywhere else.

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Why NOT TO BUY a slow loris?

Responsible tourism

Do you want?

Do you really want to be a part of this spoilt and cruel trade? Do you want to have this only poisonous primate in the world at home and expose yourself to the risk of venomous bite? Do you want to break laws on animal protection and torture these animals due to lack of knowledge of their biology and needs?

Do you know?

Do you know that slow lorises in those videos raise their forelimbs as they are full of fear, they squint due to the unpleasant fluorescent light, and holding the small umbrella is just their natural grasp reflex? Do you know that whole families of wild slow lorises are often hunted and illegally sold in the streets and on animal markets? Do you know that slow lorises mark their territory and it really stinks? Do you also know that according to the IUCN Red List the Javan slow loris has been already listed as „critically endangered species“ and therefore there is an extremely high risk of its extinction in the wild? Also other species of slow lorises are among „endangered species“ and there is also a high risk of them becoming extinct in the wild. The main threat for them is the illegal trade in animals.

A story behind

„I am not your toy!“ is a campaign responding to the modern threat for slow lorises that has appeared with expansion of their videos on youtube.com and elsewhere on the internet. In fact, it is only a human amusement of cruelty on animals. In recent years these videos have increased interest in slow lorises which supports illegal trade in these animals and causes their gradual disappearance from the wild.

What can I do?

  1. Please do not mark these videos as "I Like", give them the thumbs down instead! Report videos as cruel to the website owner.
  2. Tell your friends and people, who are enchanted by these videos and share them on social networks, that they are not as cute as it may seem at a first glance. Share with them this website where they can find out more about this issue. Thereafter, with all politeness, ask them to remove the video.
  3. Share this website with your friends and help us to spread the truth about the illegal trade with slow lorises.
  4. Get in touch with the relevant authorities or the police if you notice any ilegally sold slow lorises in your area.
  5. If you already know about some people who own a slow loris, refer them to the nearest rescue center or a zoo.
  6. Never buy a slow loris as pet!
  7. Using the form send us links to any videos or photographs where slow lorises are being kept as pets.
  8. Register into „Kukang resistence movement“.
    Kukang resistance movement is an active online group of people who react whenever they come upon popularization of slow lorises as pets (websites / social networks, etc.). Send us your e-mail, become a member Kukang resistance movement and we will regularly inform you about current events and where we can join together to spread the truth about the illegal pet trade with slow lorises. Subscribe to „Kukang resistance movement“
  9. Have you found a place where they openly sell slow lorises? Have you spot someone offering a slow loris to sell online? Here, you can send us all this information and we will do what is in our power to take an action. Tell us about slow lorises abuse case
  10. Become a patron of the "I am not your toy!" campaign. Become a patron
  11. Support our fight against the illegal trade in slow lorises in Sumatra by donating any amount to our account IBAN: CZ2155000000002865271001; BIC/SWIFT: RZBCCZPP, with adding the note: KUKANG (if possible).
  12. Follow advice and instructions by Little Fireface Project.
  13. Sign the pledge and also support the "Tickling is Torture" campaign at this link: http://www.ticklingistorture.org/
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